Wazapp: WhatsApp-Client für das Nokia N9

Ende März kündigte sich mit Wazapp ein WhatsApp-Client für das Nokia N9 an, der mit Hilfe der Community entwickelt wurde. Mittlerweile ist die Applikation für MeeGo auch verfügbar und kann in einer ersten Beta auf der Seite des Entwicklers runtergeladen werden. Die Anwendung ansich ist kostenlos, bei Bedarf kann man aber auch eine Kleinigkeit spenden. Bis jetzt ist Wazapp aber auch noch stark eingeschränkt, es fehlen Funktionen wie Gruppennachrichten, das Senden oder Empfangen von Dateien und die Möglichkeit jemanden zu blocken. Manche Funktionen werden, genauso wie Fehlerbeseitigungen, in der Zukunft noch mit in die App einfließen heißt es. Man kann sich in einem entsprechenden Thread im Maemo-Forum auf dem Laufenden halten und die Entwicklung weiter verfolgen.

Wazapp FAQ

What is this dot that appears when a message is sent? 

Red dot is message not sent yet. Yellow is sent and delivered to server, and Green is delivered to your friend

How long do I have to wait if registration fails? 

Registration failure error has a number like “fail-too-recent::X”, X is the number of minutes you have to wait before trying again.

Will I still receive notifications when I close it?
-If you close wazapp by swipe down or from tasks window, it will remain running in background and you will receive notifications normally. If you close wazapp using the “Quit” button, it will totally exit and you won’t be notified about new messages

Does it support media sending (images,sounds, location ..etc)?

Not yet. If someone sends you media it will not show up on wazapp, and the sender will not receive a “delivered” receipt from you.

Does it support group conversations?

It supports group conversations partially. If you already belonged to a group, you will be able to send and receive messages on it. But you cannot create a group. Oh and you won’t be able to identify the message sender in a group as well :P

Does it create an internet connection by itself?

It uses the current internet connection and does not issue a new one automatically. If you disconnect, reconnect, Wazapp will restore its connection automatically.

Does it support emoji?

No. And if someone sends you an emoji (smiley face), it would appear most probably as boxes. You might have seen similar behavior if you used Whatsapp on Symbian before it supported emoji

How does whatsapp fee and account expiry work on wazapp?

Currently if your account expired you won’t be notified. Wazapp will not be able to connect without giving a reason.

Can I choose or change my password?


How do I edit pushname ?

From accounts settings in accounts manager

So here is a list of missing (and upcoming) whatsapp features:

  • Fully functional group conversations
  • Sending and receiving Media
  • Sending emoji
  • Blocking/unblocking

Known issues with this version:

  • Splash screen is not swipable
  • Auto registration code handling doesn’t always work
  • Notifications won’t go away until you click it
  • Chat item text max length is according to screen orientation where it was initially calculated
  • Received duplicate messages are not discarded
  • Chat bubbles don’t scroll correctly on virtual keyboard open/close
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