Netgear PTV3000: Neue Firmware 2.4.3 für den Miracast-Dongle verfügbar

Netgear P2TV 3000 Miracast WiDi IMG_2697

Vom Miracast-Dongle Netgear PTV3000 konntet ihr hier auf mobiFlip schon meinen kleinen Testbericht lesen. Anders als der Chromecast-Stick ist der Netgear-Dongle schon z. B. bei Amazon verfügbar. Das neueste Update behebt Verbindungsprobleme, welche vereinzelt mit dem Nexus 4 aufgetreten sind und die komplette Liste der Bug-Fixes und Änderungen seit dem letzten Update ist dieses mal wirklich groß und sogar in Form eines Changelogs verfügbar.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

  • Debug mode to display additional error messages. Using web UI and go to URL  activate debug mode.
    • //Display all error messages on both screen and console.
    • //Display all error messages on console only. Keep the “WiFi connection closed” string as before.
      DBG_MODE=0 or u-boot parameter not existent
  • Samsung Corrected User Agent to be SEC-WDH/LH01 for better Samsung TCP (movie mode) compatibility.
  • Fixed an additional case that was causing the video output to fail from certain laptops.
    (Dell XPS Mod#P11F, Win7 HP x64, i7-26020M, 4GB DDR3, Centrino Advanced-N 6230 driver v15.7, HD Graphics 3000 driver v.
    P2TV3000, hardware v.2.0.0, fw v.2.3.7 Widi 4.0.18)
  • Adapter name is not changed after rebooting device without disconnecting from WiDi app first.
  • Overscan value was not cleared on factory reset.
  • Pushbuttons now disconnect currently running sessions.
  • No UI animation in connecting screen yet. It will cause UI to hang.
  • Not timing out after cancelling Connection from Legacy WiDi.
  • Not Connecting Using WiDi 2.2 and 3.0 with FW v.2.3.7 – Only with certain laptop.
  • All remaining strings translated.
  • AV Sync issue vs Motorola phones. A/V interleaving has been analyzed (14515MBr12558_ENG_netgear_IHS).
  • Not all audio channels have good quality. The latest Intel KPI report @ 14506 showed this as passing.
  • Default overscan value set to 10. To verify this, need to reset to factory defaults first.
  • Fixed issue that device displays new PIN code while PC/WiDi app is still in “connecting” state and did not come up with dialog box to allow PIN entry.
  • Fixed Widi issue that device cannot conenct to PC when Widi app on PC is set to speed mode.
  • Enables association retry after associate reject when connection fails.
  • Fixed wifi driver issue to enable disconnect event when there is no beacon from PC when PC is the GO.
  • Fixed connectivity issue with Toshiba laptop when working in a noisy wifi environment.
  • Fixed Widi L2SD connectivity issue.
  • Change SSID to “Direct-xx-PTV” when PTV is the GO.
  • Properly enables HDCP2.1 and HDCP2.0 interface.
  • Fixed issue that WiDi app status shows “Connected”, device stays in “Connecting….” state forever. Timeout is enabled, worst case 2 min.
  • Allow Nexus 4 to run in 2.4Ghz when Nexus 4 is not associated with any AP.
  • Fixed issue of widi connection if it is right after association with Sony Xperia mobile phone.
  • Fixed Widi issue that fast cursor is off by a few pixels.
  • Fixed connectivity issue with BCM4352 and BCM43241 wifi controller. (Device is already compatible with Intel 11ac, N7260).
  • PTV3000 didn’t get ack from invitation response but no retry to resend and the invitation response send from PTV3000 indicate failure.
  • Dongle becomes unscannable after 10 hours with L2SD scan off.
  • Provisional Discovery incorrectly causes PIN to be displayed.
  • Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 abruptly disconnects while streaming. Includes new QCA driver
  • [Google Nexus] RTSP UDP port seems to open successfully, but data transmission fails.
  • Allow screen size adjustment on Miracast screens. See updated files in www/ (index.html and
  • [Miracast] PTV 3000 sometimes could not be discovered at the first try.
  • Inconsistency between probe response (20Mhz) and capability beaconed (20Mhz & 40Mhz) when PTV is acting as a GO.
  • Throughput improved roughly 10% by disabling UDP checksum.
  • Excessive frame repeats and skips [PARTIAL] #333 and #329 improve this, but needs to tested against Intel KPI.
  • Support passing EDID to source unmodified.
  • Fixed issue of “Push2TV” SSID not properly enabled when in FW update more. Fixed wpa_supplicant not being properly removed when switching to “Settings Mode”.
  • Fixed issue with device stuck in “connecting” state forever. Another fix applied that handles a case where a failure in IP address acquisition could cause the UI to be stuck in “Connecting…”.
  • Fixed the PTV not connecting with HSW+Broadcom SDIO. Adjusted default association timeout to 15 seconds from 5 seconds, as well as reduced the timeout for a scheduled scan from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. These changes fit within the timings for the source laptops times before it gives up.
  • Fixed issue on connectivity with Samsung GS3. Applied patch from QCA that reduces connection retry times and checks for false PBC overlap conditions.
  • Fixed provision discovery issue. Provisional Discovery incorrectly causes PIN to be displayed (partial fix). GO Negotiation with PIN is not presenting properly.
  • Fixed issue that PIN pairing fails occasionally (Win Blue + 6235 WiFi).
  • Fixed issue that Dongle becomes non discoverable after failed invitation attempt.
  • Fixed issue that fresh pairing is inconsistent from IvyBridge+N-6235 on WiDi Dongle tries to associate before windows blue laptop is ready for wps. This leads to connection failure.
  • Fixed issue that Audio does not work with WiDi 4.x Low Delay mode.
  • Fixed a number of Web UI issues.
  • Change default to Auto-PBC on. (Auto-PBC and L2SD on/off can both be configured from the web UI).
  • String modifications.

Known Issues:

  • PTV3000 is not responsive which leads to be disconnect.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.1:
    • Connection will fail if this is done:
      Start Allshare cast app on phone. Lock the screen and let the phone be idle for 10 minutes. Unlock the screen. Remedy: Toggle WiFi switch on phone settings.
  • Sony Experia Tsubasa (version 7.0.A.3.185) the mirrored video does not show up until there is activity on the handset screen. Fixed in 9.0.D.1.126.
  • [Intel] Win8 WiDi application hangs sometimes on reconnection, requiring a laptop re-boot.
  • Connection issues related to Plugfest Haswell+WP.
  • A/V sync testing shows audio behind between 65 and 98ms.
  • Excessive frame repeats and skips (Intel Widi certification requirements).
  • L2SD connections have pairing, scanning, and connection issues (

Unterstützte Geräte (Miracast):

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.1 or above)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • LG Optimus G (Android 4.0.4 or above)
  • Google Nexus 4 (Android 4.2.1)
  • Sony Xperia (various models with Android 4.0.4 or above)

Das aktuelle Firmware-Update 2.4.3 könnt ihr auf der offiziellen Netgear-Website herunterladen.

Netgear PTV3000 Update Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-07 um 18.26.25


  • PTV 3000 einschalten und warten bis es gestartet ist
  • Knopf an der Seite des PTV 3000 für 7 Sekunden gedrückt halten
  • Die heruntergeladene Firmware entpacken
  • Laptop mit dem Wireless Networ PTV3000 verbinden
  • Browser öffnen und aufrufen
  • Entpacktes .sbin-File auswählen, hochladen und flashen

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