Samsung Galaxy S3: Erste US-Testberichte sind online


Morgen wird das Samsung Galaxy S3 offiziell in Deutschland und anderen Ländern dieser Welt erhältlich sein und pünktlich zu dessen Marktstart haben einige US-Medien bereits einen Testbericht veröffentlicht. Auch unser Testgerät ist bereits angekommen und wird schon fleißig von René getestet, erste Erfahrungsberichte von uns werdet ihr dann diese Woche auf mobiFlip lesen können. Wie der Verkausstart morgen genau abläuft wird sich dann zeigen, einige Shops bieten ja auch heute schon ein Midnight-Shopping an und verkaufen die ersten Geräte schon um 0 Uhr. Die meisten Läden machen aber zu ihrer gewohnten Uhrzeit auf. Es gab die Tage auch mal Gerüchte, dass sich vielleicht die blaue Version verzögert, aber auch zum weißen Modell gab es die ein oder andere Meldung. Warten wir einfach mal den Verkaufsstart ab, ruft zur Sicherheit aber lieber vorher bei eurem Händler an.

Kommen wir zu den Testberichten, ich habe hier mal wieder ein paar interessante Zitate aus den Blogs rausgesucht und auch Videos ganz am Ende des Artikels eingebunden. Uns würde an dieser Stelle auch mal interessieren, wer von euch morgen beim Händler seines Vertrauens vorbeischaut, oder wer das Galaxy S3 vielleicht sogar schon in den letzten Wochen vorbestellt hat? Für welches Modell und welche Farbe habt ihr euch entschieden? Wie ihr in dem Bild zu diesem Artikel seht ist bei uns die weiße Version für einen Testbericht eingetroffen, ich persönlich würde aber vermutlich eher zum blauen S3 tendieren. Schwer zu sagen, denn bis jetzt hatte ich auch noch nicht die Möglichkeit das Android-Flaggschiff in die Hände zu bekommen.

One thing that goes consistently overlooked with respect to Samsung’s phones is the company’s ignominious track record with Android software updates. There may be worse offenders out there, but Samsung’s chronic failure to update its devices on time is a significant black mark for a brand looking to lead the way in almost every other respect. Thus, as much as I may enjoy the Galaxy S III today, I have to temper that enthusiasm with the knowledge that its long-term future may not be as rosy as that of a stock Android device or one produced by HTC.

Vlad Savov für The Verge

The worst thing about the GS III? No matter how hard it tries, it just isn’t greater than the sum of the HTC One X’s parts. That’s not to say it falls short, but merely to emphasize that times have changed since last year’s Galaxy S II, which landed on an unsuspecting world that was largely devoid of predators. The Snapdragon variant of the One X has similar computing power, battery life and photographic credibility, but it also has a much better user interface that sticks more closely to the guiding ethos of Android 4.0. The One X also has a more forward-looking physical design, while the GS III clings to the tried and true styles of old. Perhaps the biggest sacrifice you’d make by going for the One X over the GS III is the loss of the cheap storage offered by the microSD card. That’s a painful thing to give up, but given how deeply we feel about the need for Android to move forward and not get stuck in a Gingerbread-flavored groundhog day, we might just take the hit.

Sharif Sakr für Engadget

Phrases like “best ever smartphone” are overplayed: the market moves so fast, for a start, and the range of sizes and features out there mean what may be a key priority for you might be a minor quibbling point for someone else. Still, if your phone has become your multimedia and entertainment hub; if you love a sizable display for gaming, browsing, navigation and multimedia; if you demand high-quality photos and video without bulk; and if you want to future-proof yourself over the typical two-year contract, then the Galaxy S III delivers all that in spades. We’ve a feeling Samsung will discover those are key motivators for many, many buyers, and they’re unlikely to be disappointed with the Galaxy S III.

Chris Davies für SlashGear

But the reason the Galaxy S3 is half a star away from perfection is there is still room for improvement here. Whether it could be achieved without a massively adverse effect on cost, we don’t know, but there are some things that could be added on future models to make it impossible to not buy. If the Samsung Galaxy S3 had landed with a premium metallic shell, in the same vein as the HTC One S for instance, any question of design standards would have been obliterated. And that camera could be a little better – it’s perfectly fine, nay, decent now, but there’s still the opportunity to make one of the best cameras on the market there.

Gareth Beavis für TechRadar

With the Galaxy S3, Samsung hasn’t messed with its formula much, recognising that slick design and a gorgeous screen were the secret to the Galaxy S2’s success. The S3’s oval shape may not be an instant eyeball grabber but those pebble-like curves are made to caress the digits that are holding it. To this enticing design, Samsung has added an upgraded engine — making a phone that’s pretty much unrivalled in the speed and power stakes right now. On the down side, the TouchWiz interface is occasionally frustrating, and Samsung’s app offerings don’t always hit the mark. These minor software concerns aside, the S3 will undoubtedly be one of the year’s most important gadgets. There are very few phones that come close to matching Apple’s premium, luxurious feel, but with the S3, Samsung has got closer than anyone.

Luka Westaway für Cnet

Honestly, i’m speechless. I love everything about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s modern, it’s human and it’s closest to being perfect that I think a smartphone could ever be. To see Android having come this far, leaves me in awe. It’s display is the best I have ever witnessed – better than the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, iPhone 4S, or that of any mobile device I have ever laid eyes on. Its speed and fluidity of operation are unrivaled, and near instantaneous. Despite its relativley large size, it is remarkably well balanced in the hand, and feels fantastic to the touch. It is, in my opinion, the best Android device – no – the best Smartphone – ever created.

Randy Khoo für Android Authority

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