Zorro Macsk stattet einen iMac mit einem Touchscreen aus


Touchscreens sind derzeit der Trend schlechthin und diese bzw. deren Bedienung ziehen nach und nach auch in die Desktop-Welt ein. Das prominteste Beispiel ist hier natürlich Windows 8, dessen neues Modern UI klar auf die Fingerbedienung ausgelegt ist. Apple aber hat sich darauf festgelegt, deren iMacs nicht mit einem Touchscreen auszustatten, da die Bedienung an einem solchen Gerät schlicht ermüdend sei.

Dem chinesischen Unternehmen TMDTouch aber ist diese Begründung recht egal, denn die haben ein nun ihr „Zorro Macsk Cover“ vorgestellt, das jeden 21,5“-iMac mit einem Touchscreen ausstattet. Zur Installation wird dieses einfach auf den iMac gepackt und per USB mit dem iMac verbunden. Per Infrarot werden Fingereingaben am Display nun in entsprechende Befehle umgewandelt. Hiermit lassen sich dann auch die typischen Fingergesten ausführen, die man von der Trackpad-Bedienung der Macbooks und vom Magic Trackpad her kennt.

Dem Vorstellungsvideo nach zu urteilen funktioniert die Touch-Bedienung dann auch einwandfrei und auch Windows macht am iMac keine Probleme, wenn Eingaben der Touch vorgenommen werden. Derzeit kann das Zorro Macsk bei Interesse übrigens ausschließlich über Amazon.com zu einem Preis von 199 US-Dollar bestellt werden.

Was haltet ihr vom Zorro Macsk und der Touchscreen-Bedienung am Desktop allgemein?

Quelle BGR

Touchscreen iMac? It has been a hot topic for years. But Apple is firmly on board with touchscreen and multitouch to drive the interface of the devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and it hasn’t done the same for the iMac. Now it’s time for Change. TMDTouch, a Chinese based company,excitedly announce that a touchscreen–Zorro Macsk designed for iMac has been released. You can add touch functionality to your iMac within 10 seconds.

This accessory is called Zorro Macsk and is available on Amazon USA for $199 with various colors like pink, silver and black. It has such an awkward name but such amazing features. It enables your iMac with touch functionality in 10 seconds. It integrates the gesture touch function of Apple trackpad and you can easily switch screens, hide tasks, invoke tasks and so on. Moreover, easy installation and precise touch capabilities greatly attract Apple Fans. Now, I would like to introduce this product in details.

The Zorro Macsk doesn’t require any additional software to run. After attaching it to your iMac, and pluging a USB cable to the back of the iMac, you get a Touchscreen iMac. Since it uses infrared technology to sense touch input, users can use input such as natural finger gestures or stylus to swipe, scroll, click, zoom, and more. Now there are six colors available. This accessory not only decorates your iMac but also protects your iMac panel from scratches.

As you can see, Zorro Macsk looks like a natural part of iMac. It’s hard to believe that this product is from a Chinese company. Actually, it’s not only a “Made in China” product, but also a “Designed in China” product of the century.

Now you should think about the uses of this amazing product. How will you make use of the Zorro Macsk? Conference Demonstration? IOS games? Easier operation for children and old people? No matter what your answer is, it is worth your money for its amazing function.

Now let’s view this demonstration video taken by the TMDTouch. Perhaps you can’t stand the Chinese-Accented English, but the fantastic features of Zorro Macsk will catch your attention.

Here is the video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLB8Hh2wg_U&feature=g-all-u

At present, a few Zorro Macsk are available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shops/lumiaview. If you buy it now, TMDTouch will offer you a free iMac protective film. Some apple fans from North American and Europe have started to use this product. I have learnd that the TMDTouch official site crushed because of too many visitors on 4th, July, when the product was officially released. We can see how popular it is. Now TMDTouch only released 21.5” model. And the manager privately told the techradar reporter that the 27” sample is available and the designers start testing process. It can be pre-ordered soon. I believe TMDTouch will bring more surprises. The Zorro Macsk is born to change the iMac history.

The Official Site: http://www.lumiaview.com.

The demonstration video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLB8Hh2wg_U

Amazon Shop: http://www.amazon.com/shops/lumiaview

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TMDtouch

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