AOKP: Build 38 des Android-CustomROMs erschienen

Firmware und OS

Es sind wieder ein paar Tage vergangen und mittlerweile sind wir schon an Build 37 vorbei und heute wurde brandneu Build 38 des AOKP CustomROM veröffentlicht. Es gibt eine beinahe endlose Liste an Bug-Fixes und natürlich haben auch wieder einige Verbesserungen Einzug in die neue Firmware gehalten. Die Entwickler sind wie immer sehr aktiv und versuchen das Feedback aus der Community zeitnah umzusetzen.

  • reverted tablet nav bar button padding change (back to stock ics padding now)
  • fix SMS/BT crash bug when no msgs exist
  • reworked lockscreen music layout to be cleaner
  • fix ugly gradient on dark holo background
  • added AOKP Tips widget
  • added statusbar autohide for tablets (for apps that need full screen)
  • added support for more lockscreen targets (2-8 options, your choice)
  • cleaned up octo lockscreen layout
  • fixed certain FCs with RC related to weather
  • Mms: fixed stripping certain Polish characters
  • decreased size of custom lockscreen apps to match other icons
  • statusbar brightness enabled by default after you wipe (sliding thumb across statusbar to change brightness)
  • added statusbar notification counter (RC > Statusbar General > Notification Counter)
  • new AOKP boot animation from @rascarlo
  • Out of range Bluetooth devices won’t show up anymore in Settings
  • Browser: added option to close all other tabs (besides current)
  • Fixed data toggle
  • Removed requirement to reboot when toggling keyboard switcher (IME switcher) in statusbar
  • added nav bar widgets (to enable, go to nav bar settings > add toggle widgets as one of your nav bar actions/ long press actions, then add widgets — be sure to add at least 2 for best experience)
  • as always, tons of fixes for devices and other backend fixes!

  • fixed navbar glow resetting on reboot
  • fixed hide navbar for tablets
  • fixed back button disappearing on tablets
  • auto-brightness fixes
  • added more SwagPapers
  • added volume adjust sound preference (Settings > Sound > Volume adjust sound)
  • fixed memory leak with lockscreen code
  • fixed auto-rotate toggle
  • systemui will now restart on changing themes to avoid any potential errors
  • navbar background is now set through XML to allow theming
  • added aokp clock widgets
  • reverted sd/emmc switch for Galaxy S devices
  • fixed otter build
  • navigation bar app icons now scale better
  • fixed bug in native Email app that would cause wakelocks
  • Support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth
  • raised volume level on maguro/tuna
  • updated nova to 1.1.4
  • as always, tons of framework/device fixes, you can view all of them here

Nutzt ihr noch AOKP oder seid ihr mittlerweile auf ein anderes ROM umgestiegen? Das aktuelle AOKP-ROM findet ihr wie immer auf oder unter folgendem Link:

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