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“Wie die Nase eines Mannes so auch sein Johannes!” So oder so ähnlich lautet ein Spruch, den sicherlich jeder schon einmal gehört hat. The Doctor says inc. hat sich nun dieses Problems angenommen und für alle Androiden eine App entwickelt, die anhand von Gewicht, Schuhgröße, Format des Hinterns, Alter etc. anzeigt, welches Format der jeweilige Kandidat unterhalb des Bauchnabels trägt.

Calculate. Compare. Relax.

Für schlappe 2,35 EUR könnt ihr als in aller Ruhe kalkulieren, vergleichen und entspannen! Nichts leichter als das. :-) Ich finde, diese App hat sich wahrlich einen Eintrag in unserer DDDWNB-Rubrik (Dinge, die die Welt nicht braucht!) verdient.

The Predicktor
Preis: Kostenlos

Für alle Interessierten gibt es sogar eine offizielle Pressemeldung:

Doctor-Led Company Unveils The Predicktor, a Mobile App That Predicts Penis Size

Ultimate conversation starter answers the question: “What’s in the package?”

TORONTO, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The Doctor Says Inc. today introducedThe Predicktor, a fun and factual mobile app that predicts penis size using personal stats like height and finger length.

How do you stack up to your friends? Is that a cell phone in your date’s pocket? The Predicktor (www.thepredicktor.com) has the answers.

The app’s calculator uses only physical attributes proven by scientific research to be associated with penis length and discards all others, like race.

“The Predicktor is an entertaining antidote to the widespread insecurity, anxiety and dissatisfaction among men over their penis size,” says Dr. Christopher Culligan , a family physician and CEO of mobile health app developer The Doctor Says.

The new app takes a prickly subject into the open, busts a few myths, and adds a few laughs on the way. To get the conversation going, it offers instant access to the facts. For example:

  • There is no scientific evidence to support a connection between race and penis size.
  • Porn stars are statistical outliers, not the norm; men are more likely to be over 6’3″ than to have a penis longer than 7.5 inches.
  • Gay men’s penises are longer and wider on average than straight men’s, according to a Kinsey Institute study.

The Predicktor is available immediately for Android smartphones viawww.thedoctorsays.com. A Blackberry version will be available later this week.

Danke Mark! via androidpolice

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